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I have been frequently asked where I shop, so I decided I would give you a list and easy access. I hope you enjoy shopping in my favorite places as much as I do. You'll be looking like a Rock Star or Exotic Dancer in no time. Guys, I have a few extras for you as well. Enjoy!

These are my favorite places to shop, products from sources that I have used and continue to use.
I recommend them and their suppliers.

This page and the links from it are restricted to those over 18 years of age.
Your cooperation is appreciated. The linked shopping sources will require a credit card to shop so you must be of age to have a credit card to do so.

Mistress WildChild Sez

Hey guys, looking for that special something to make your favorite bitches jump, screaming with hot desire and ultimate pleasure? Then you know what to do. Mistress WildChild commands you to put your clicker down there and click that button to Adam and Eve. Or perhaps you prefer something from the Playboy shops. And don't forget the hot stuff you can get from Jenna Jameson. After you get your order in, then click that special someone's button while you wait for your order to arrive. They will love you for this! Remember to come see me again. Soon you will receive your reward in the mail and elsewhere. Don't keep Mistress WildChild waiting too long.

Ladies, remember there are plenty of items here to make your bitches jump too, and to make you happy as well. Don't forget to click that button. Mistress WildChild is getting hot already just thinking about the endless possibilities. So Mistress WildChild isn't going to wait either.

See you soon.

Adam & Eve Adult Sex Toys

~Adam and Eve On Line and Local~

I have shopped at Adam and Eve local stores for years. They have an excellent choice of merchandise. They are a great place to pick up an outfit that you would love to see your dream girl in (or out of). And they have great deals On Line without the hassle of driving around and the cost of the gas. How about this for a deal to start off your shopping.

Adam & Eve Adult Videos
How is this for a real deal if your thing is to watch how the rest of the world gets it on.

Have an evening in, save money on dinner and have more time for exploring the ins and outs of your relationship. Sort of like the druggies used to say: Tune in, Turn on and Get Off.

Try out the new toys that you picked up as well. Does it get better than this?

-Spencer's Gifts on Line and Local-

Here you'll find some of my favorite gifts and party favors, unique jewelry, T-shirts and gags. Also for those who haven't noticed already, Halloween is my favorite time of year and Spencers has the spirit and the items to make your Halloween the way it was meant to be. If you are on my site, I know you will be into many of the same things as I am. WildChild makes shopping for great stuff simple. Enjoy!

StageandTheaterMakeup.com -Dance Makeup and Body Paint-
Here you'll find a fine line of mineral based make up that is ideal for dancing. Medical quality make up to hide blemishes is also available. Here you will also find makeup just right for body painting. Enjoy looking like WildChild!
Gothic Costumes at ExtremeCostumes.com -Gothic Dressing for That Look-
Here you'll find a line of Gothic dress up wear for one of my favorite "looks". Studded collars, Coffin Purses, Spider, Dragon and other Gothic Jewelry, Full finger rings. Cool Stuff to look like WildChild or one of her studs. Enjoy!

Shop the Official Online Playboy Store & 
Shop the Official Online Playboy Store & 
----------------~Everyone Knows Playboy~------------------
Playboy is the class act of the Sexual Revolution. The lead player that is hard to follow, much less to beat. Shop their store for the quality products that you want. The images of the 'Girl Next Door' that you wish had really lived next door. The clothing that you see the women in Playboy wearing. The look that you want for yourself to enjoy seeing your woman in and for your woman to be seen in. Class!

------------------~Jenna Jameson is HOT!~--------------------
Awesome! What else can you say about Jenna Jameson. She is the hottest adult film star out there. Male or female, who wouldn't want a little Jenna action? I thought you might enjoy this as much as I do. Check out this link above.
-----Virtual Sex with Jenna Jameson-----
And here already is your chance for a little Jenna action. Get it on with Jenna and her friends. You won't believe all the things that you can do! Click the link at left.

All Sale Items Reduced to 50% Off
------------Dirt Bag - Dress Like A Rock Star!------------
Dirt Bag is the source for the rocker 'look'. Most anything in Rock and Roll style clothing, you can get here. So if you want to be a 'Rocker', shop here like a rock star!

I appreciate your patronage of the shops that I suggest above. I really do shop there and like them myself, although I have not of course tried out everything they offer. For your information, as an affiliate with these shops, I do receive a small part of the sale price, without in any way increasing your cost, for purchases made shortly after you go to their shop from my site by clicking these banner links. I have kept my site free of intrusive banners for your greater enjoyment. Eventually I will have some of my own products, designed by and made myself or produced to my specifications that will be unique and not available anywhere else. Until then, I really do appreciate your shopping at these sites and giving me a small tip that does not cost you anything.

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