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These two pictures, above and below this note, are from a show the dancers put on at the club where I last worked, The New Solid Gold. These two pictures are from a skit I created in which I simulated the torture of the man in the t shirt with high voltage electricity. Later I ripped the shirt off his back and beat him with my whip. The audience of sadists loved it. I got a lot of volunteers to be the victim too. They love pain when it is inflicted by the Mistress of Discipline and Despair!

These pictures are from our fooling around after the show. The man is Elliot from the local band, Danny's Big Wheel, my victim as I was a vampire in another of the skits we created.


The Mistress's uniform was provided by KapitanU49 of the "The Kriegsmarine Outfitter", provider of uniforms for the simulated submarine war games fleet, historical reenacments and theatrical productions. See more information on my Business Friends pages.
E-Mail contact KapitanU49.

Here I am as a demon torturer in the flames of Hell. Always ready to tease you with what you can't have, my body, and give you what you don't want, my whip.
I love my Cat!
Customers always wanted me to use it on them, but that wasn't allowed in the club!

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