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"How did you get started as a pleasure slave?"

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I want to set the record straight!

Everyone has been asking me the same question. WHY! Why was I not at the last few concerts Vince Neil played in Florida, considering that I always go to see him at least once whenever he is in or near Jacksonville.

Well the rumors were kind of funny at first. But it has come to my attention that I am the one certain people are blaming for Vince and Heidi getting a divorce. This is bullshit. I have always loved to hear Vince sing, he is my favorite vocalist. I also have been going to see him perform since the Girls, Girls, Girls concert in the eighties and would have gone to see him sooner if I could have. I doubt the man remembers me unless I am at the concert itself. I'm the heavy metal bitch, always at the right side of the stage.

To some extent it is true that Heidi and I disliked each other. From the moment we first saw each other there was animosity between us. But I do not see where that would cause them to get a divorce simply because we did not like one another. What would that have to do with anything? I know there are those who think this is just my imagination or some kind of ego trip, but if it were not for others who were there that saw the same phenomena whenever Heidi and I crossed paths, then I would not be saying this to begin with. Now they are telling me that his new girlfriend, A.K.A., fiance, A.K.A., soulmate, has a problem with me. What is wrong with these women?

This is why I did not go to the last few concerts. I want it understood that if I had the chance with Vince I would take it, but I'm not going to go out of my way to break somebody up just to do so. The man has a mind of his own and believe it or not, just like her, he can choose his own life and his own path for himself. Only he knows what he wants and who he wants. He, as well as everyone else, knows he could have had me at any time he wanted me. The man obviously does not want me. There have been too many times he has had that opportunity and he has always left with someone else, and his women never seem to understand this.

I hope they understand this: I am Wildchild the Original Chainlady, dancer, pleasure slave, heavy metal bitch and long before the song "Rock and Roll Junkie" came out, I was Wildchild.

I don't want to be Vince's wife or his girlfriend or his soulmate because they never last. I do admit however I would love to be his pleasure slave if he was a true Master. Because a slave is forever.

As for the concerts, I enjoy watching Vince perform. I will attend as many concerts as I can. I will be attending Alice cooper this weekend in Jacksonville. Alice is my BIGGEST inspiration with my makeup and theatrics. I will attend other concerts as well. After all, they do call me heavy metals bitch, and I feel that my heart is in heavy metal.

I hope this puts a rest to the rumors that I am the cause of Vince's problems for I do not see or feel that I am. I am only who I am and for those who do not like it, agree, or approve, you can kiss my ass.


WildChild the Original ChainLady
of Jacksonville, Florida


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