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A great asset in the creation of this site and the expression of exactly the atmosphere I wanted to convey in different sections has been the special fonts used. You can see these fonts in the graphics used for the links to the various sections of the site and also as the headings of the sites pages if you don't have them installed on your computer.

I think you would find it worth your while to check out the source for these unique fonts and download them and install them on your computer so that you can see this web site as it was intended, presuming that you have enjoyed it so far and would now like to receive the full effect.

It is a major problem with web browsers and html coding used to create web pages that the use of a specific font can only be intended but there is no way that the font can be provided with the pages, other than in the form of graphics (which search engines can't see). This means that if a special font is used for appearance or to convey a mood, you are stuck with whatever the default font is for the viewers browser if the viewer doesn't have the specified font installed on her computer. This is very likely to spoil the desired effect.

For example, this text, and much of the general text on this web site is intended to display in the font known as Percival. This font is not the font sold and copyrighted by the font "foundry" Agfa under the same name. It can also be found under the name Paganini. It is used fairly widely on the web. I have not found it labeled with a copyright that would prevent its free use where I have found it for download.

One location for download of fonts used on this site is from Fontology. The fonts downloadable from this site are stated to include applicable copyright notices in the zip file in which they are supplied for download.

Another source for this font (and others used on this site) is under the name Paganini where it is available from Ralfs Font World. a page on the site Copyright information for fonts on this site are also stated to be included in the zip files in which they are supplied for download.

Below are samples of other special decorative fonts used on this site and available from the above sources. If they are not available from both of the above sources, specific download information is given. I hope this adds to your enjoyment of this site and possibly contributes to your own creative efforts.

After you have downloaded and saved the fonts you want from one of the above sources, you must unzip their files. Then the unzipped font should be moved to the directory where the rest of your system fonts are stored. Then use your operating system's font installation procedures to install the new fonts. It isn't difficult, but I can't give you more specific instructions than this. After installation, your browser should be able to find them and display them when you look at this web site. It might have to be closed and restarted before it can find them however.

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Fonts Percival or Paganini.
These fonts appear identical, but have conflicting copyright claims.

Font Transylvania from Ralfs Font World.

Font Solstice of Suffering.
From Rolfs Font World. No lower case, but really special.

Font Scythe.

Font Anglican in Bold.

Font Rotfenberg Decorative Normal or Ruritania.
These fonts appear identical, but have conflicting copyright claims.

If anyone should find that any of these fonts are being used contrary to their copyright ownership and approved usage, please contact the webmaster and include documentation and appropriate corrections will be made. These fonts are offered for download on the Internet from multiple sources with multiple and conflicting copyright claims. This site has done its best to properly honor the owner's copyright.

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