The Dragon Princess and the Demon Whoremaster:
An allegory of life as an exotic dancer.

Seeing danger in the future with the help of my crystal ball and my dragon familiars, I seek to know the source and power of the danger.
Viewing my crystal ball with my dragon familiars.
Foreseeing my home and future, my very soul being wrested away from me, I seek ever further into the mists of the future, seeking the source of this approaching evil.
I envision the destruction of my future. It is like my home and all my future being turned into vapor. My youthful innocence (don't laugh, I WAS young and innocent once) to be destroyed by the evil thoughts and contaminating touch of men without imagination, empathy or compassion. Men with no sense of fun or fantasy, seeking only to grab and grope.
The evil demon Si Si Whoremaster tries to sacrifice my body and soul to the lusts of the masses on the altar of pornography. Men with dirty, grasping hands and dirtier minds. Men with red necks and dirty clothes, coming directly from the fields and stables of their labor. Men who apparently have no respect for the rights of women. And worst of all, have no concern for the feelings of the women they insult. I am left in the clutches of evil to fight alone against these evil predators.
The demon seeks to sacrifice me on a flaming altar.
I hang in chains in the dungeons of the demon. When I do not agree to submit, I am held prisoner and tortured in the dungeon of the demon by his minions. Made to dance to the evil music of musicians, chanting despair and despite to all women. Forced to submerge my talent and vision under the mist of lust created by the small visions of others, intent only on selling theirselves in mass for a pittance. Selling themselves in complete unawareness of the evils ahead on the path they tread.
As I lie chained in the dungeon of the demon, my faithful dragons arrive to rescue me from the demon and threatened loss of my soul and befouling of my body and destruction of my mind.
My faithful dragons arrive to rescue me.
I am guarded as I recover by my master dragon. I am spirited to safety, away from the dungeon of the demon with the power of a dream by my master dragon, posessed of great mystical power. He guards me as I lay resting and recovering from my ordeal.
I fight a battle with the demon, hurling crystal orbs of energy and words of power. I curse you demon as Abuser and Debaucher of Women, Pimp and Whoremaster. I will not give up my identity and integrity to become anyone's whore.
I hurl crystal orbs of energy and words of power at the demon.
In my dragon aspect with my faithful dragon friends. Assuming my own dragon aspect, I am guarded in the future by my faithful dragon friends, never to have my security invaded again by the attempt of any demon to turn me into a whore, a toy for the enjoyment of the undeserving.
Copyright 2002 by WildChild the Original ChainLady of Jacksonville
All Rights Reserved