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WildChild is back on the Stage Again!

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The WildChild's World of Fashion

What to wear? What to wear?

I ponder all of the outfits and styles I have created!

Here I am nude again, but still covering up strategically. Join my pay site to see the rest of me. Of course this is the place to see my Creations from the World of Fashion, not me in my birthday suit.
Here are a few samples below.

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I bought the cloak, but the Gothic/Romantic style dress with separate sleves is all my own as is the face paint.

This side view shows the sleeves effect more clearly.

But when I'm feeling "in your face", I can always create something like this tiger stripe outfit, including matching face and body paint! Perfect for that last minute trip to the Heavy Metal concert!

If you go to my hard Rock ~ Heavy Metal page for 2003 you can see more views of the next outfit I created for a Concert.

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