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WildChild is back on the Stage Again!

My Store is Open


I'm planning some very interesting trips. Would you like to come too? Here is the first one in my world of Fantasy and Adventure.

I have created an illustrated adult fiction story in the World of Fantasy and Adventure like my stories elsewhere on my web site from the Gothic and the Magic and Mystery adult fiction worlds.

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Guardian of Dreams:
A dream fantasy by The WildChild.

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Here I am in the picture below, nude but hiding my breasts behind my hands, communing with my principal spirit helper, Draco. I have a real affinity for reptiles like my Chinese Water Dragon. They love me! Even strange ones who don't know me want to cuddle up to me and crawl on my body. When I go into a pet store, they react to me as soon as I enter the store, wanting to get to me and be held. They like to ride on my shoulders and hide and play in my hair.

Reality can be as strange as any fantasy!
Mine certainly is!

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