When I first started as an Exotic Dancer, before I was acclaimed as The WildChild by my customers, I was already The WildChild in my head and in my lifestyle.

We don't talk about that here however. That was long ago in a galaxy far away as they say.


When I first began exotic or nude dancing after I turned 19 in 1985 (yes, I really am that old), I danced at a club frequented by bikers. They found my appearance, makeup, piercings and chains especially attractive. A group of them would gather around the stage chanting "WildChild", "WildChild", "WildChild" . . . over and over as my turn to dance came up. They did this to encourage me as I was really shy then, believe it or not. Before that, I used my normal first name, Becky, a nickname from childhood. So WildChild became my stage name by popular acclamation.

My multiple piercings were earned in another one of my worlds, and were also self inflicted. There were no piercing parlors then. My nipples, now double pierced, and my clit (through the body, not the hood) date from 1983-4, well before I started dancing. Four piercings per side in my outer lips were added over the years. I was self pierced long before it was revived in the popular culture as a fad along with the widespread use of tattoos (of which I have none, preferring less permanent artwork for changeable looks). Piercings date back to primitive cultures of long ago and were popular in the Victorian era. I'd love to have some of the original nipple jewelry from Victorian times (hint-hint). I don't have a belly button piercing as is the typical first piercing for girls or any other facial or body piercings. The WildChild doesn't follow fads, she starts them!

My rings in my piercings were already anchor points for chains when I started exotic dancing, again from another of my worlds as already mentioned. I made more and more elaborate chain sets for my dance acts, depending on the style of outfit I was wearing. I made them all myself with my own two hands, only purchasing the standard jewelry chains. I soon called myself "WildChild the Original. ChainLady© of Jacksonville, Florida". I've been using that full name since 1985.

I"ve been fully shaved since the beginning, before it became common for dancers, because of my rings and chains, but you would have found it funny if you had seen me then as I had to paste on a merkin (that's what they call fake paste on pubic hair if you didn't know) as the local exotic dancer laws changed. There was lots of confusion at first and I had to change back and forth. Hair doesn't grow over night, but laws can change from day to day. I didn't find it funny as it was a lot of trouble and uncomfortable and awkward with chains.

Examples of my changing costume styles are shown in many places on this site: Hard Rock~Heavy Metal, My Feature Dancer Friends and My Local Dancer Friends. I have added some picture pages linked to this page below that specifically show me over the years as I evolved more and more styles and varieties of chain sets. You will have to see many of them in censored form unless you join my pay site. Unfortunately I didn't think of taking pictures of everything over the years so there are a lot of styles I created that are effectively lost. This is especially true of my elaborate face and body painting creations. I do these myself with no help, even on my back as far as I can reach.

Many other dancers, starting here in Jacksonville, have called themselves WildChild as my name has spread. Some may have even thought of it on their own. Many will even claim to be the original. None of them have my history or can really copy my face and body painting, chain sets and dance outfits as they are truly original to me, made with my own two hands. Many of my copiers have tried to copy my style as well as my name, including local costume makers. Copy away, but I did it first and none of you are "The" original WildChild! Anyone who has really met me, talked with me or seen me dance can probably tell you that this is something inside me, not just a style but the real me, even if they didn't like my style.

As I have progressed over the years, my style has become more and more extreme Heavy Metal and Gothic with elaborate makeup to compete with the 'hands on' nude dancers. Originally I danced in all sorts of styles from Barbie Doll to leathers. I love the variety and function in many worlds. If you met a dancer who called herself WildChild and permitted you to touch her, you can be sure it wasn't me, the real and original. I have always danced within the local laws! Nothing about morality or against my friends who dance hands on. If it doesn't bother them, it doesn't bother me; to each his own. I just will only sell the view of me as I dance and the fantasy of me you can carry away in your head. Not my body and not my self and especially, not my identity! It is just my personal attitude!

Jacksonville is a port city, sprawling across the St. Johns River, and is home to several large Navy, Naval Aviation, Coast Guard and Marine military bases. There is also the foreign and American merchant marine traffic. So wherever you are in the country and the world, if you know military or merchant marine men, you can probably find someone who can tell you about the really weird exotic dancer bitch and heavy metal rock freak they saw in Jacksonville, Fl. Perhaps you saw me yourself. I have had old customers drop in from the ends of the earth just to see me again. If you can e-mail me from out of town, the farther the better, and tell me where you or your friend saw me and when, I will send you a printed and autographed certificate that you met "The WildChild, the Original ChainLady© of Jacksonville, Florida". If you have fond memories of my whip and prefer, I will certify that you were "Disciplined by the WildChild, Mistress of Discipline and Despair". You do have to come up with a club name that I can recognize as the one where I was dancing then or at least with other corroboration. This is not just a freeby. I want to hear from legitimate past fans! Consider it as a survey and I will acknowledge on my web site the cities, states and countries represented, with your name if you would like. If your mail is good and doesn't require censoring, I might feature it on the site if you agree to do so.

The WildChild!

Some of my earliest dancing pictures

Later dancing pictures.

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