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WildChild, Goddess of Fire

Business Card: WildChild~The Original ChainLady of Jacksonville, Florida

I was an exotic dancer with interests in many worlds, dancing and dressing in many styles.

I had been pierced before starting to dance in 1985, before it became common place, and also doing it myself. I wear chains and do elaborate face and body painting as part of my performances which you can see elsewhere on my site. From the beginning, I also created my own dancing outfits almost exclusively.

I am known for my creativity.

I am also known for my wild and independent personality!

The WildChild belongs to No One
But Herself!

I can take you to many worlds!

Remember that some are fantasy worlds and some are real. Be careful not to confuse them!

Their entry point links are below.
Enjoy your Fantasy Trip.

Some Like it Hot. I Like it Wild!

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The Worlds of The WildChild

The World of Hard Rock - Heavy Metal

The World of the Gothic

The World of Romance

My Feature Dancer Friends

The WildChild - A History of her Creation

My Local Dancer Friends

Fashion Creations by The WildChild

The World of Magic and Mystery

Mistress of Discipline and Despair

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